Instantbird 1.3 Released!

We’ve released Instantbird 1.3 (get your copy here)!  This update includes some nice improvements, which are fully outlined in the release notes.  A few changes of note are:

  • IRC: Long messages will now be sent in multiple parts, and more authentication methods are supported to connect e.g. to Freenode.
  • Twitter: Replying to a tweet now replies to all users, just like on the Twitter website!
  • User’s nicknames are now highlighted when mentioned in a chat.
  • Two new social networks were added: Odnoklassniki and VKontakte.
  • Various connection issues with Twitter and XMPP based networks were fixed.
  • Accessibility improvements.

Unfortunately, this will be the last release to support Mac OS 10.5 and PPC, as we will be unable to support these once we upgrade Instantbird to Mozilla 17.

We’ve got plenty of interesting new features and ideas for upcoming versions of Instantbird!  We will update to a more recent version of Mozilla with awesome new features, imagine all the cool things we can do with technologies like WebRTC!

15 thoughts on “Instantbird 1.3 Released!

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  2. Looks nice. Unfortunately I won’t be switching before there is OTR support. Maybe this [1] otr code written in javascript will help us eventually to bake a plugin for IB eventually.


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  5. Norton and detect Instantbird 1.3 setup detect as infected with “Suspicious.Cloud.7.F”. Check please!!

  6. Hey there, thanks for the awesome app. Keep improving it.
    And talking about improvements, one sort suggestion here.
    Sort tabs by protocol (mostly for muc windows) with an option for which protocol the rule applies. Which means muc windows will be open in tabs in separate window from your single user chat if you choose that option, but if muc window opens a single user chat (like query in irc) instead opening it separately, tab will be opened where other irc tabs are.

    Also option for buddy list to be able to sort by: status, protocol, alphabetically in order which you can choose.

  7. Can someone help me? I need support of agent protocol.
    I tried to do it in two ways:
    1) use plugin for pidgin
    2) use xmpp transport to this protocol
    both way failed. Could someone help me?
    System - win7 x32
    • Replying here (in case someone else has similar questions), even though we talked on IRC:
      1. You must recompile Pidgin protocol plug-ins for Instantbird.
      2. Instantbird doesn’t currently have a way to configure XMPP transports, no. Please file a bug at