Instantbird 0.3 alpha 1 released

Instantbird 0.3 alpha 1 has just been released.

This release contains very significant changes, including the ability to create JavaScript protocol plugins and the upgrade to the Mozilla 2.0 platform. Most of the changes are not yet visible in the user interface, so we would not advise current users of the 0.2 version to update.

However, it includes basic support for Twitter and is already quite stable; so it will please early adopters and testers who don’t go as far as to use nightly builds (which update themselves everyday with the newest code). Add-on developers will also be interested, especially because of the new ability to create restartless add-ons.

Instantbird talk at FOSDEM

I (Florian) was in Brussels this week-end for the FOSDEM conference. As every time I went to FOSDEM, it was great to meet again several Mozillians I hadn’t seen for a long time.

I gave a talk early on Sunday morning about Instantbird. I would like to thank all the people who attended the session, asked interesting questions and gave great feedback at the end of the talk and during the rest of the day: thank you!

For those of you who would have liked to be there but couldn’t because of the time (too early, especially after the great dinner and bowling event Saturday evening) or location (not everybody lives in Europe!), I put the slides of my presentation online (and even wrote down what I said!).