Instantbird 0.1.2 crashing with some MSN accounts

We have just released Instantbird to fix a crash that a lot of people experienced when trying to connect their MSN account on Windows. Unfortunately, this issue wasn’t detected during our testing prior to the release and we are really sorry about it.

If you have Instantbird 0.1.2 on Windows (and if it doesn’t crash at startup because of an automatic connection to your MSN account), you will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours.

You can get the full version of Instantbird from the download page.

We would like to thank our users who sent crash reports and useful feedback, and congrats to the people who worked on the crash reporting and automated update tools. Being able to notice, locate and fix quickly such bugs with a small (21kB) update is just amazing!

Instantbird 0.1.2 released!

After a few months without any release, we are glad to announce the release of Instantbird 0.1.2!

What’s new?

This version is more a stability/bugfix release than a feature release.

  • Updated: Instantbird 0.1.2 is now based on libpurple 2.4.3 and Mozilla
  • Improved stability: we fixed the outstanding bugs that resulted in crashes. We also turned on breakpad to get more data on crashes.
  • Detailed tooltips: the tooltips of the buddy list now contain detailed information.
  • Under the hood: On this release we spent a lot of time on the build system. Instantbird can now be built like any other Mozilla application. It doesn’t require to build dependencies separately any more. This results in smaller downloads (we package only the files that are really needed) and for developers it will now be easy to play with our code.

You can download Instantbird 0.1.2 for Windows, Linux or Mac from this page. Of course you can also download the source code.

We look forward to get your feedback on this release. You can comment on this post or join us on IRC in #instantbird.