Instantbird 1.1 released!

Exactly 4 years after the very early 0.1 preview, Instantbird 1.1 has just been released today in 13 locales (Swedish and Estonian are new)!

In addition to several stability fixes and a dramatic reduction of resource consumption in some cases, this new release will make Twitter and IRC much more usable in Instantbird:

  • On Twitter, it’s now possible from the context menu to retweet, to reply to a tweet (or simply double click on the tweet to start a reply). The context menu also lets you follow or unfollow the author of the tweet.
  • Tab completion of usernames (starting with an @ character on twitter) or nicknames (in IRC channels) will also be very appreciated.

All these changes have been commonly requested, so no surprise here. But there’s one last feature I would like to talk about before offering you a download link: Instantbird 1.1 brings support for putting conversation on hold. This means you can now close conversation tabs without leaving the conversation, the conversation will sit at the top of the Contacts window until you reopen it or someone talks to you. While this may seem like a small change, it’s exceptionally useful for IRC users who tend to idle in lots of channels because they want to “be there just in case” but don’t interact much with the conversation.

Enough talk! Time to go download Instantbird 1.1 (or read the more detailed release notes).

As always, your feedback is welcome! And if you like Instantbird, maybe you will want to share the good news with your friends on Facebook or twitter?

12 thoughts on “Instantbird 1.1 released!

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  5. You have like a thousand message styles but none of them work with any recent version of the platform. The default ones leave so much to be desired. Seems far too much time was spent on one of the defaults. When should we expect improvement? Instantbird 2.0?

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  7. Sametime support = awesome!
    However it seems I can’t search to add new contacts. Anytime I try to add a contact through ‘Add Buddy’ menu, momentarily shows him in the contact list, then contact disappears. Bug?
    • I’m glad you appreciate the Sametime support! I’m not sure why the user is not showing up, are they definitely online? I would advise you to file a bug on our bugtracker (, it’s a better medium for bug reports!

  8. What about ULF ( as internal log format in future versions of Instantbird instead of current plain text logs?

    • We’re hoping to switch to some sort of logging format that can quickly and easily be searched. XML is great for sending and exporting data, but might not be ideal for long term storage of data. It’d be great to be able to import logs from Adium though!