Status update

It’s time again to give an overview of what we’ve been doing in the last few weeks and what we plan to do next.


  • The rewrite of the buddy list backend is going well. The new implementation, is almost usable (as long as you don’t need to add, remove or rename a contact). I can’t wait to land this in our nightly builds! (This will occur as soon as everything is re-implemented so there is no feature-loss). Bug 555 tracks this work.
  • I’ve spent some time analyzing the crash reports we have received after the libpurple update. I emailed the Pidgin developers mailing list to share my findings. The feedback received allowed us to fix a whole class of Windows-only crashes by applying a Glib fix.
  • On Mac, the mozilla-central switch from ppc/i386 universal builds to i386/x64 universal builds caused some breakage in our nightly builds.
    • For now, we have reverted to producing ppc/i386 builds, following the direction taken on comm-central.
    • However, we are aware that current nightly builds are pretty broken when run on a PPC machine.
    • We will switch to i386/x64 universal builds as soon as we have a new Mac build machine that can run Mac OS X 10.6 (the current nightly builds are compiled on a PowerMac G5).
  • I wasted a disappointingly large amount of time trying to buy a recent used Mac Mini on ebay, dealing with the confusing messages of an inexperienced seller. Transaction finally canceled today, back to square one :(.
  • Some time spent trying to understand issues with the update system, with our servers, and our buildbot slaves. No exciting details to report about this.
  • Various fixes:
    • Emoticons will no longer annoyingly appear in URLs. This was fixed in bug 207.
    • The issue mentioned previously about message themes installed with the new add-on manager is fixed.
    • The ‘themes’ icon in the preferences dialog has changed (bug 484).