Status Update - Why 0.2 is not out yet

The last status update here was more than a month ago, so it’s probably time for another update. We are still working toward releasing Instantbird 0.2 in the near future.

At this point, the code of the application is ready. Two points are still holding the release though:

  • we have to rework the server side part of our update system, because the scripts we used on the server up to version 0.2b2 of Instantbird were not able to handle updates in several languages. We want to be sure that users who downloaded Instantbird 0.2 beta 2 in a non-English language will receive an updated version in the same language.
  • we are redesigning the main website of Instantbird. The goal of this redesign is partly to provide a visual refresh, but also to clarify the message. We are de-emphasizing the “multi-platform” argument (it is probably irrelevant to most users and is probably quickly understood by those who care about using Instantbird on more than one operating system), and we try to emphasis the simplicity and ease of use of Instantbird.

We look forward to putting Instantbird 0.2 in the hands of users who didn’t dare to try the beta releases.

3 thoughts on “Status Update - Why 0.2 is not out yet

  1. When do you think it will be available in 0.2 final ?

    i’m fan of firefox & thunderbird, and i’d like perhaps use instantbird instead of windows live messenger, because it has the same engine and the same system of add-ons

  2. We don’t know yet, but it’s a matter of weeks at most :). You can be sure that it will be announced here when it’s released, so if you check back sometimes, or subscribe to the rss feed of the blog, you will know. I’m glad you intend to use it!