Instantbird 0.1.3 released!

After a few months without any release, we are glad to announce the release of Instantbird 0.1.3! This should be the last minor release before Instantbird 0.2 on which the work has already started (we are currently working on localization stuff).

What’s new?

This version contains several new features, but is also a stability/bugfix release.

  • New features:
    • Proxy support: you can now use HTTP and Socks proxies.
    • Typing notifications: you can know when the person you are talking to is typing.
    • Automatic reconnection: when a non fatal connection error occurs (e.g. network failure), the account is automatically reconnected after a few seconds.
    • Idleness: servers are notified when you are idle so that your status is changed.
    • Better handling of chat rooms: the topic of the room and the list of participants are displayed, IRC commands work.
    • Findbar: it is now easy to search in a conversation, with a findbar similar to the Firefox one. A notable difference is that it searches backwards by default, so that the most recent matching messages are found first.
    • Universal build: the Mac binary now also works on PPC Macs.
  • Updated: Instantbird 0.1.3 is based on libpurple 2.5.2 and Mozilla 1.9.1b2.
  • Improved stability: we used the crash reports that we got from the 0.1.2 release and nightly builds to fix bugs that resulted in crashes.

You can download Instantbird 0.1.3 for Windows, Mac or Linux from this page. Of course you can also download the source code.

We look forward to get your feedback on this release. You can comment on this post or join us on IRC in #instantbird.

18 thoughts on “Instantbird 0.1.3 released!

  1. cool!
    If you make some interfaces features, such as minimize to tray and autoclosing, that be very good ;)
  2. Can you make some interfaces features, such as minimize to tray and autoclosing? Before 0.2 release.

  3. Salut,

    Tu dis de vous rejoindre sur l’IRC à la fin de ton poste, mais tu n’indiques pas le réseau. :P

    Je m’en vais tester cette version, en espérant qu’il deviennent le futur Miranda-IM sous GNU par la possibilité d’y ajouter plugins et qu’il soit tout aussi léger. :)

    Sinon, avez-vous la possibilité de faire un dépôt (Debian à tout hasard) à terme ?

    Merci. :)

  4. I also agree on the minimize to tray and autoclosing. A little more pizazz to the interface in terms of functionality would be great….+ font edit etc and history management.

    Also, please consider launching the addons page ASAP. You are inadvertently locking out community participation by not having it available as yet. Community participation ‘could’ save you a lot of work and help you move faster.

  5. This release works fine, but the 0.2a1pre nightly has stopped working because the dependancy has returned.

  6. Minimize to tray option is a MUST, also history management and avatar, mood, status messages, file transfers (within the IM window like yahoo messenger).. I was also looking for add-ons directly from Instantbird’s options but Instanbird opens a tab in firefox saying 404 not found :(

  7. Looks nice, but still buggy. As previously mentioned, access to the Add-ons Link would be nice. Cannot import contacts for any IMs, so that kinda sucks! Have to enter each one Manually, unlike Trillian.
    InstantBird does look promising!
  8. Instantbird is still cool. I’m waiting for newer versions to have a build which throws Pidgin from my harddisk.

  9. baza: The problem with ICQ is known. Current nightlies work with ICQ. We may release a version soon to fix this.

  10. I put three accounts, from yahoo, msn and gtalk, in none version of instantbird the contact are imported and if i put them one by one they dont show in the main windows.
    Feature not implemented?
  11. @No Contacts: Are you sure you are not behind a firewall or proxy that doesn’t let you use the ports of these protocols? And by the way, this is not a support forum.