Instantbird 0.2 beta 2 released in 4 languages!

Instantbird 0.2 beta 2 is now available in English, French, Polish and Russian. If you want to help with the translation for another language, contact us.

The new features of this second beta include a better handling of statuses, cool new default message and emoticon themes, a basic log viewer, actions on buddies from a buddy list context menu, and a lot more! Read the release notes for the details.

Windows users will be pleased to notice that this release is provided with an installer.

You can download the beta and read the release notes from here.

The development of Instantbird 0.2 is nearly finished and this beta will be the last one before the final 0.2 release which is expected to come relatively soon.

0 thoughts on “Instantbird 0.2 beta 2 released in 4 languages!

  1. 0.2b2 20100317194948 will not connect to Facebook. I receive an error message stating, "Error. You require encryption, but it is not available on this server."
    Windows Vista Home Premium x64

  2. Definitely shaping up to be the best instant messenger…the potential is becoming a reality…Keep up the great work.

  3. @(anonymous)1: Uncheck “Require SSL/TLS” in the Advanced Options of the account.

  4. Keep up the great work guys!

    There is definitely a lot of potential for this project, a Firefox equivalent for IM could be catastrophic, I am very excited to see where this project goes in the future.

    Just a quick question, is this project officially part of Mozilla, and if not is that something which might help moving forward?

  5. @./cewood Thanks for the encouraging message! Instantbird is not a project of the Mozilla Foundation. Any additional resource might help. Additional visibility would definitely help.

  6. Yeah it’s a real great freeware, but there somes bugs :
    - When you create a group that is put in contact. We restart the program and then we find our contact twice. Once in the group overall, a time in the lower one in which we move.
    - Some contact don’t become ‘in line’

  7. Instantbird is so great and fast! I love it! Just a little more features (avatar selection + view in contact list, multicontacts, german translation) and I would kick Pidgin away.