Facebook Chat Issues

Recently we’ve received many questions from users whose Facebook Chat accounts will no longer connect in Instantbird.

Facebook officially deprecated its XMPP gateway on April 30th, 2015, but it continued to function until recently. Unfortunately it appears this is no longer the case.

After investigating the issue, we have been unable to find a workaround to keep it working. However, since Facebook deprecated the gateway, it’s surprising it even worked for this long!

Meanwhile, libpurple has a new protocol plugin that uses Facebook’s proprietary chat API, which we are considering offering as part of a future release of Instantbird.

Stay tuned!

Feedback received

Following the release of Instantbird 1.0, we’ve received a variety of great feedback (if you haven’t read some of our other posts: we love to receive feedback, although we might not always agree) via our contact email address, our IRC channel, our bug tracker, Twitter and what ever other ways there are to communicate with us. We’d like to take some time to respond to some of the popular requests we’ve got (or at the very least, point you to the bug where you can follow any progress).

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ICQ connection error

Recently users started to get an error (“Error: Unknown reason”) while attempting to connect to ICQ. This is being tracked in bug 582. This will occur using Instantbird 0.2 or 0.3a1pre nightly builds, if you are not seeing this error then the rest of this post can be disregarded.

Luckily there is an easy work around for now:

  1. Open the account manager (“Tools” > “Accounts”)
  2. Select your ICQ account and click “Properties”
  3. On the “Advanced Options” tab
    • change the “Server” to “login.icq.com”
    • deselect “Use SSL”
    • deselect “Use clientLogin”

Other third party instant messaging clients using one of the “old” login servers were also affected.

Tip for MacBook users

Instantbird 0.2 uses the multitouch feature of Macbook touchpads in conversation windows:

  • Pinch in or out 2 fingers to change the zoom level.
  • Swipe up (3 fingers) to scroll to the top of the conversation, down to scroll to the last message. This saves time when looking for an old messages in the conversation (for example, using the Find feature) and then going back to the display of the most recent messages.
  • Twist left or right to select the tab at the left or right of the currently selected tab.
  • Swipe left or right (3 fingers) to change the selected tab to the previously selected tab. This gesture is probably the most useful one: it’s very convenient when reading quickly a message in a newly opened tab and then going back to the conversation tab where an active conversation is occurring, or when actively participating in 2 discussions and repeatedly switching between 2 tabs.